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  • Men’s Hockey Falls to Rival Harvard in Overtime
    Men’s hockey battled back and forth for sixty minutes with its bitter rival, but a fortunate bounce in overtime lifted the No. 7 Crimson over Cornell.

  • Mayor Laura Lewis Appoints New Chief of Staff
    Mayor-elect Laura Lewis appointed Deb Mohlenhoff as the next Chief of Staff for the City of Ithaca on Friday, who served as an Alderperson for the Fifth Ward for 12 years.

  • Men’s Hockey Hosts Harvard and Dartmouth to Close First Half
    “Fish will be flying on the ice, the crowd will lose their mind."

  • CHOUNG | Reflections on a Freshman’s Fall Semester
    Letting go of the mindset that friends can only be found through classes was instrumental for me in opening my eyes to the possibilities outside class. Classes only make up a small portion of our day; how we choose to spend the rest of it is an indicator of where we can find our friends. August was a period of new beginnings and reflective goodbyes as I started to settle into my new life.

  • MEHLER | Let’s Revive Cornell’s Student Clubs Part 1

    What has been lost is why and how different clubs coexisted and collaborated together. All student organizations have different origins, missions and goals, but all clubs share one starting point: students coming together. Whether they came together to support a social cause, play a sport, celebrate cultures, host conferences, raise money for charities, etc., it was achieved through students mobilizing themselves. Clubs exist, regardless of charge, as a way for students to come together.