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  • MEHLER | The Art of Fall Breaking
    This break is an opportunity to reset your body’s rest clock and finish the second half of the semester even stronger than the first. I cannot say enough that you must take the time to relieve some of the stress going on in your life. The most productive stage of performance is in a tolerable stress range: too much or too little stress leads us to be too comfortable or not comfortable enough to perform well. But breaks do not require us to be at performance stress levels. Breathe, rest and recuperate to come back better.

  • PAPPAS | Retelling Cornhell
    We can, however, control the narrative that we construct about our time here on the hill. Changing the story we tell ourselves and the rest of the world might be all we need to change our experience here — and everyone else’s perceptions of Cornell too.

  • Men’s Soccer Kicks Off Ivy League Season With a Win
    Men's soccer starts the Ivy season strong, with a 3-2 win over Harvard.

  • Cornell Research Associate Jenifer Wightman Debuts Mud Paintings for Cornell Biennial
    Ithaca has long been known for its beauty, but for artist Jenifer Wightman grad, that beauty is more than meets the eye. Her most recent exhibit, unveiled this past week at Mann Library, uses microbes to facilitate her creative vision.

  • A Warm Welcome, Meet the New Faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences
    Cornell welcomes 15 new faculty members into the College of the Arts and Sciences.